Rosalie Wagner,
A parametric typographic system for literacy and remedial reading

Several studies show that the typeface choice alone has no significant impact on reading comfort—measured by reading speed, lexical comprehension and the distinction of letters— even those specially designed for dyslexia. On the other hand, the laying out of the reading environment (macro-typography) has a real impact on the factors mentioned above and can not be improved without questioning the font design (micro-typography). It will thus be necessary to interrogate the learning of reading on 3 intercorrelated levels: the font design, the layout and the reading method itself.

This project aims to create a parametric typographic system answering the needs of the literacy and the remedial reading of the allophones, illiterates and people presenting learning, reading and speech disorder. Thanks to Prototypo, this system should be open enough to adjust itself to the needs of the student, the teacher, the health specialist and the publisher. This will be possible through to the font variability, the availability of alternative glyphs and several styles designed to support the student’s progression. The design specifications are established in dialogue with Com Médic and Brigitte Roy, and in relation to the reading method to which the results of this research will be applied.

Com Médic: Medical publishing house that creates and publishes tools for speech therapy and pedagogy. The publications aim to support the individual in learning to read and write French thanks to a method created by Brigitte Roy, speech therapist and teacher.