Catalogue, ANRT Archives 1985–2006


Montasser Drissi, ”What should an Alef look like?”

Isia Yurovsky, The tsar’s roman

Gabriele Cepulyte, Form & visibility of archives online: editing the archives of Antoine Vitez’ Electra

Clément Le Tulle-Neyret, Immortel

Camille Trimardeau, A writing system for gymnastics

Arthur Francietta, The Missing Scripts 2016

ANRT 2013–2015, Projects


Nancy, Feb. 19-20, 2018, Writing With Pictures

Nancy, 17-18 November 2016, Automatic Type Design 2

Paris, BnF, 4–5 december 2015, III TYPE

Nancy, 3 July 2015, Les Physiques du livre

Nancy, 6–7 May 2014, Automatic Type Design

Nancy, 4 juillet 2013, Renaissances de la typographie


Rémi Forte, ANRT 2018

Montasser Drissi, ANRT 2017

Lucas Descroix, Poster ANRT 2016

Alice Jauneau & David Vallance, Poster ANRT 2015

Jean Widmer, Poster ANRT 2013

Sarah Kremer, Poster ANRT 2013

Éloïsa Pérez, Poster ANRT 2014

David Studer, Poster ANRT 2006

Gregory Bouchier, Poster ANRT 2005

Céline Gillier & Sidonie Mangin, Poster ANRT 2004

Laurent Kuhni, Poster ANRT 2003

Thomas Huot-Marchand, Poster ANRT 2002

Paule Palacios-Dalens, Poster ANRT 2001

Arne Freytag, Poster ANRT 1999

Marion Olk, Poster ANRT 1998

Roxane Jubert, Poster ANRT 1997

Agathe Hondré, Poster ANCT 1996

Philippe Moubèche, Poster ANCT 1995

Luca Dotti, Poster ANCT 1994

André Baldinger, Poster ANCT 1993

Maryse Khoriaty, Poster ANCT 1992

Margaret Gray, Poster ANCT 1991

Muriel Paris, Poster ANCT 1991

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ANRT Archives 1985–2006
Through 650 images drawn from ANRT’s unpublished archives, this catalogue tells the story for the first time of a period of profound technological change, exploring the little-known world of typographic design through a diverse selection of projects drawing on both an age- old craft tradition and the most radical innovation. 
This exceptional book includes: — the story of the Atelier, its creation and its 20 first years of existence, counted by Sébastien Morlighem (1979–1991) and Roxane Jubert (1991–2006) — reproductions of all the brochures an posters that have been published — a selection of research projects, including works of André Baldinger, Bruno Bernard, Peter Bilak, Johanna Balusikova, Thomas Braichet, François Chastanet, Matthieu Cortat, Serge Cortesi, Yoan De Roeck, Marco Godinho, Sébastien Gouju, Margaret Gray, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Franck Jalleau, Roxane Jubert, Jérôme Knebusch, Laurent Kuhni, Alejandro Lo Celso, Didier Mutel, Muriel Paris, Jean François Porchez, David Poullard and many more: often unpublished projects that have benefited from the teaching of Albert Boton, Hans Jürg Hunziker, Peter Keller, Ladislas Mandel, José Mendoza or Jean Widmer. — A biographical index of all the students and teachers.
ANRT Archives 1985–2006 238×325mm 322 pages, 690 illustrations Printed in offset UV, 6 colors Texts by Thomas Huot-Marchand, Roxane Jubert & Sébastien Morlighem Forewords by François Barré et Christian Debize Bilingual french / english (translation Ros Schwartz, Londres) Graphic design: Huz & Bosshard Ed. Les Presses du réel 39€
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This publication has received support from the préfecture de Région — FEDER PO 2013, from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Programme national de numérisation 2013), and from the Direction Générale de la Création Artistique (DGCA). It has also received support from the Imprimerie Nationale group.