Gotico-​Antiqua, proto-​roman, hybrid
ANRT Archives 1985–2006, Catalogue


The Missing Scripts 2017. Poster, Nsibidi & Elymaic, Morgane Pierson
Poetic program, typographic system, Rémi Forte
CNC Type, Tanguy Vanlaeys
Typography, a digital tool for the acquisition of written language, Rosalie Wagner
”What should an Alef look like?”, Montasser Drissi
The tsar’s roman, Isia Yurovsky
Form & visibility of archives online: editing the archives of Antoine Vitez’ Electra, Gabriele Cepulyte
Immortel, Clément Le Tulle-Neyret
A writing system for gymnastics, Camille Trimardeau
The Missing Scripts 2016, Arthur Francietta
Projects, ANRT 2013–2015


Writing With Pictures, Nancy, Feb. 19-20, 2018
Automatic Type Design 2, Nancy, 17-18 November 2016
III TYPE, Paris, BnF, 4–5 december 2015
Les Physiques du livre, Nancy, 3 July 2015
Automatic Type Design, Nancy, 6–7 May 2014
Renaissances de la typographie, Nancy, 4 juillet 2013


Poster ANRT 2020, Parimal Parmar
Poster ANRT 2019, So-Hyune Bae
ANRT 2018, Rémi Forte
ANRT 2017, Montasser Drissi
Poster ANRT 2001, Paule Palacios-Dalens
Poster ANRT 2002, Thomas Huot-Marchand
Poster ANRT 2003, Laurent Kuhni
Poster ANRT 2004, Céline Gillier & Sidonie Mangin
Poster ANRT 2005, Gregory Bouchier
Poster ANRT 2006, David Studer
Poster ANRT 2013, Sarah Kremer
Poster ANRT 2013, Jean Widmer
Poster ANRT 2015, Alice Jauneau & David Vallance
Poster ANRT 2016, Lucas Descroix
Poster ANRT 2014, Éloïsa Pérez
Poster ANRT 1999, Arne Freytag
Poster ANRT 1998, Marion Olk
Poster ANRT 1997, Roxane Jubert
Poster ANCT 1996, Agathe Hondré
Poster ANCT 1995, Philippe Moubèche
Poster ANCT 1994, Luca Dotti
Poster ANCT 1993, André Baldinger
Poster ANCT 1992, Maryse Khoriaty
Poster ANCT 1991, Margaret Gray
Poster ANCT 1991, Muriel Paris
Poster ANRT 2020