This research project in graphic design questions the way we show archival resources online.

If we take a look at the recent governmental applications, we notice that in 2013, the OpenData circulatory was adopted in Europe: this one led to the massive creation of websites offering databases and graphics, showing anything related to the public domain in a pseudo ultra-transparency – including archives. The aim of this project was to reconsider the analytic point of view of the database, and try to show a specific point of view on an archival fonds. This statement led to the creation of a « virtual exhibition » of the archives related to the three stagings of Electra by the French stage-setter Antoine Vitez: the event of the performance being lost, the issue was to create another kind of experience, which would be more related to the notion of historicity. This could be antithetic with the support, here a website; it takes form through extractions of manuscripts, videos, photographs inserted in the text of the antic play, playing on the materiality of the archival ressources and the historical imaginary that surrounds them.

This project is made in partnership with Imec—Institute for Memory of Contemporary Edition, Caen.