Since the beginning of the last century, a variety of writings about diacritics – these tiny signs added over, under or through a letter to change its meaning – has multiplied with the advent of the digital era. Those conferences and publications, impulsed by some diacritic language speakers or Anglo-Saxons, are meant to clean up the image of diacritics all across the world

This global movement throughout the (type)designers point out the rising necessity to pay attention to cultural and linguistic characters in a world where globalisation is our daily struggle. Questionings about norm and good practice have emerged, in a time where Latin extended is not enough to be used as a standard. Following my last diploma project, I am using this ANRT research project to contribute to this movement. is the building project of an information platform dedicated to the diacritical signs.

Although just at the project stage, is a platform build and thought for users. Indeed, the first stage of this project is to define the needs and gaps about diacritics’ design. The second stage will be to create a platform fed by the research. With time and means to think about their needs, this website could be a real place devoted to research, share and growth the knowledge very little broadcasted.