This research program focuses on typefaces cut in Germany, Italy and France in the fifteenth century and which are neither Blackletter nor Roman.

Apart from the three blackletter types (Textura, Bastarda, Rotunda) and Roman, a fifth form, sometimes hesitant, is the subject of our study. Hundreds of Gotico-Antiqua (one of the many ways to name them) were cut between 1459 and 1482. The program comprises different focus, in order to enlight the period:

  • Fifteen revivals designed through workshops in art and design school and completed at the ANRT;

  • The constitution of a corpus gathering and organizing the most representative typefaces;

  • A comparative analysis of the typefaces, their possible paleographic origins, their context of use (location, printer, edition). 

All the fonts produced are released under OpenFont License. 

Website of the project: