The Swiss type and graphic designer Hans-Jürg Hunziker, has been working in his field for over 50 years, in addition to being a teacher of type design and typography in Morocco, France and Switzerland.

The amount of work produced in the course of 5 decades, represents a big collection of different materials both physical and digital, from sketches, drawings, production files and drawings, proofs, notes, to finished typefaces and typographic designs and presents an exciting challenge for archival work.

The aim of the project is to catalogue, archive and showcase in different mediums the archive and the life of Hans-Jürg Hunziker. With Hans-Jürg Hunziker directly involved in the project it creates a unique opportunity to discover and discuss new ways objects within the archive can related with each other and which are their stories.

Thinking of a classification methodology that is dynamic rather than static will open the archive to a broader public and facilitate access in different forms.

Design is not a linear practice and neither should be its archival methods. In order for us to be able to discover, create and share new connections we need to question conventional methods of categorising, archiving and presenting design work to not limit the material itself, but instead elevate it to new grounds.