At the intersection of contemporary poetic practices and typography, “Poetic program, typographic system” questions the systematization of poetic writing, graphic and type design. In response to the massification of the production of texts related to the rise of Internet, how to develop a poetic practice by the appropriation of texts from the web? This poetic approach is embodied by the development of writing protocols, the sampling of text online, the use of functions specific to digital tools such as “copy / paste” or the programming of algorithms. How typographic composition can transcribe the principles of this writing? How can the drawing of a font embody this writing? Poetic writing, typographic composition and type design are then correlated. From the letter to the page, the same grid regulates and constrains the drawing of the font and the formatting of the text. Graphic principles are reduced to the essentials. An exacerbated typographic system for a total poetic program.