The Missing Scripts project aims to promote the world wide scripts. But also to reveal the extent of minority scripts that are not yet integrated into the Unicode standard. The encoding of a writing system aims to making it accessible through the IT tools but it is also a way to save it. The first stage of The Missing Scripts projects is to design a typeface which includes more than 150 glyphs, each of them representing a minority script. That is why this research program revolves around two partnerships: Deborah Anderson of the Script Encoding Initiative, who brings linguistic expertise, and Johannes Bergerhausen through his mediation and promotion work within the project. For my part, I provided a type design expertise necessary for the creation of the first typographic forms of these scripts. I was also able to design the Paleohispanic font for its integration to Unicode.

Associate experts: 

Pr Johannes Bergerhausen, Hochschule Mainz (DE) /
Dr Deborah Anderson, Université de Berkeley (USA) / Script Encoding Initiative