Created by André Vernette in 1967 at the Fine Arts’s School of Toulouse, the Scriptorium de Toulouse was a typographic and calligraphic workshop. Mostly centred on the study of Latin paleography, this workshop has trained in its early years, among others, Bernard Arin, François Boltana, Claude Mediavilla.

Bernard Arin, who was until then associate of André Vernette, took over the direction of the workshop in 1982 and oriented the teaching towards a much more calligraphic approach. The workshop closes in 1986 for political and administrative reasons. Nevertheless, Bernard Arin immediately reopens the workshop at his private place in Saint-Martin du Touch until 2005.

The workshop has trained several generations of graphic designers, typographers, calligraphers, and engravers. But also pedagogues through whom Bernard Arin’s teaching continues today, in France and abroad.

The Scriptorium de Toulouse’s history has become secret and lacks documentation. How to find back the traces of this history? How, at the scale of a book, can an archival document make History visible and readable?

Based on public and private archives, but also on the testimonies of those who were trained there, this polyphonic edition entitled « Dossier resté sans Suite » aims to highlight and question a rich and fundamental pedagogical account of the history of typographic creation in France : the pedagogy of Bernard Arin.